Piece of Eden is a five-piece punk-rock band hailing from Breda, the Netherlands. With several different styles and influences they bring unique qualities into the songs they create. Their songs are diverse yet in their own style, there's a new sub-genre coming to life with their music. It's raw, honest and rebellious.

With a filled line-up consisting of Vocals by Melody Frost (Maartje de Vries), a well balanced guitar section delivered by Jay Marten (Jelle de Vries) and Jesse Zeitler, a smooth bass sound created by Ino (Rivelino Wattimena) and underlaying drums by Sander Rops, this group has everything they need to make sure their thoughts, emotions and bubbly personalities get put into art, which you can definitely see during their live performances.

They made their internet debut with their self-produced EP "Arrows" which got released in the summer of 2017. This leads to their most recent single "Take It Back (I'm Indecisive)", released at the end of 2018. They have got plenty of more planned out for the future.